India’s IT/Soft Skills Job Prep Challenge:
India needs 10,000,000+ new IT/Softskills workers/year
• 75% of all college graduates need jobprep training

MIITE Solution:
An Innovative Grant project of NEF (National Education Foundation) CyberLearning, the global nonprofit leader in bridging jobskills divides, for training and certifying annually million+ employees, while educating and certifying annually a million+ Indian college students/graduates in IT/Soft Skills.                                                           

Every trainee/student receives world-class IT/Business/Desktop/Soft Skills e-learning courses + State University of New York course completion certificates + Happy Executive book by NEF Chairman Dr. Appu Kuttan, all with a 92.5% matching grant from NEF

Become a Partner                                                                                                                      

  • Eligibility: Any U.S. or Indian Corporation/Entity. Also any Indian College/University.
  • We will save you 50%+ of your training cost.
  • We will help you receive enormous PR/Publicity/CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Credits.
  • You can choose college (s) of interest to you, and we will set up programs there  in your name at no cost to you or the college.
  • We will provide a Total System Solution including Stipends for the program director and incentive rewards/awards for trainees and students.

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